Monday, August 15, 2011

Omnicopter – The Frame is Built

2011-08-14 19.00.28
2011-08-14 18.58.52The princess is not happy…  The frame for the Omnicopter is built and the motors are installed but it doesn’t fly!!!  Women.  They want everything “right now!”. ;)  However, I later wired up one of the motors and put a prop on it and showed her what’s coming.  She’s quite pleased at that.  I’ll admit that I was also.  I built this frame as more of a lab/test frame than a final version.  It has a lot of flexibility built into it as far as arm placement goes and very little attention was taken to try and reduce weight.  With 20% power given to one motor with a prop it produced enough lift to lift half of the frame and motors off the ground.  Once all four motors are up and running it will have more than enough power to lift itself and probably 2-4 additional pounds.  Can’t wait to have that test!
2011-08-14 18.59.11
I’ll post some additional detail about the frame later.  Now to build the wiring harness…


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