Saturday, August 13, 2011

NETMF for Electronics Noobs Tutorials

I’m starting a series of tutorials for people just getting started with .NET Micro Framework (NETMF).  My target audience will be people with an intermediate level of experience with C# but very little if any experience with the electronics side of things.  There is plenty of good info out there regarding using C# and there are several good tutorials on getting started with NETMF but in my opinion most of these assume the user is already somewhat experienced with electronics.  This is where I hope to bridge the gap.  I will not go in-depth on either the C# (NETMF) or the electronics side.  I will show you just enough to help you get started having fun with NETMF and then point you to other sources where you can learn more.
Although in most of my tutorials, I will use the GHI Panda-II microprocessor board the techniques can directly be applied to netduino or most any other NETMF device with minor code changes.
I’ll update the following list of topics as I add posts (I’ll try to add one weekly).  So, bookmark this page and follow my blog if you want to keep up.  If you have any specific topics you would like to see covered, please feel free to email me at ian (at) or post to the comments below.
  • – great place to ask questions regarding anything about the GHI Panda-II microprocessor and NETMF.
  • – great place to ask questions about the netduino microprocessor and NETMF.
  • – the official NETMF community forum


Nickatredbox said...

This is much like my project would like to contact you by email

ianlee74 said...

I'm always available via email using the "Contact Me" page or you can normally find me & many other like-minded folks over at forums.

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