Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm now Blogging for MAKE!

This month I officially became a contributing blogger for MAKE!  I'm very excited about this and the opportunity to reach a much larger audience.  Hopefully, this means that I'll be writing a lot more in the future than I have on this blog.

If you've ever written a blog post that has been popular and made Hack-a-Day or reached wide popularity through some other avenue, then you know the rush that comes from knowing your work is being viewed (and hopefully appreciated) by thousands of people.  Now I have the opportunity to reach this size of audience with every post!

So, what does this mean for "Software & Sawdust"?  The site will still be available but most of my posts going forward will probably be posted to  For my own record and as a way for those of you that follow my blog, I'll also post a reference on this site.

There have been several projects (many of my best) that I've never bothered documenting here.  I regret that but the desire to start the next project is usually more powerful than the desire to spend a couple more nights documenting what has already been finished.  I believe that having a wider audience through MAKE will end that practice and I'll document everything going forward.  I've already posted two articles this month on MAKE!  My goal will be to try and get out a new post every week if I can find the material.  With the Nashville Mini Maker Faire coming up, I expect to have no shortage of material for quite a while.  I'll immediately follow up this post with separate posts linking to the other articles.

Definitely do not stop following this blog!  There are many things that I do that I'll want to document that simply don't fit the goals of MAKE that I'll still continue to post here.  So, stay tuned and go make something!



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