Thursday, January 15, 2009

Red Zone is complete…almost.

For the Dare to Dream Different Challenge, I have decided to begin by building a mock yard that will have three different “zones” that will be controlled by the Tahoe-II board and my .net Micro Framework software.  There will be three zones in this yard: red, green, and yellow.  Each zone will be a series of LEDs that will light when that zone is activated by the software.  Since I already had a supply of red LEDs, I decided to start there while I wait on all the other parts to arrive.

Red Zone is Alive!
The Red Zone is alive!

You may note that the red zone isn’t completely alive…  I was one LED short, so the last section isn’t lit yet.  This will be remedied as soon as the rest of the parts arrive.


The yard is constructed of a piece of foam board that has been cut so that it folds in half.  The circuitry is sandwiched between the two pieces for its protection.  Each zone will be a separate circuit and they will all terminate at an RJ45 jack for easy connection to the relay board and Tahoe-II.  Everything is powered by a single 12V power supply recycled from an old Linksys router.

Next, I’ll finish up the other two circuits and maybe add a little decoration to polish it off.  Hopefully, I can get all this done before the Tahoe-II arrives and I’ll be able to then focus entirely on the real work at that point.




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