Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome Elizabeth Rose Lee

Today, I saw the third miracle of my life (the first being the birth of Ian, Jr. and the second being the birth of Zander).  We welcomed into the world Elizabeth this morning at 9:41 AM after a Cesarian delivery at the Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro, TN.  She came out proving that she was her momma's girl.  In other words, she came out screaming ;)  She weighs a whopping 6lb 10oz and is 19 1/4" short. 

The boys took right to her.  Jr. can't keep his hands off her and Zander offered up his pacifier.  The most gracious of gifts a big brother can offer.  It appears that I'll have plenty of help fighting the boys off in a few years.

Well, its time to go feed the little one and get a little rest.

Oh, yea, happy 33rd anniversary Pam & Kevin (Rebecca's parents)!

Check out more of Elizabeth's birthday pictures here.


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